Headteacher’s Message

Luke McKinley

Welcome to Preston Bridge School, a place where young people can be themselves and find their place in the world.

“Our task is to educate their (our students) whole being so they can face the future. We may not see the future, but they will and our job is to help them make something of it”.  This powerful reflection shared by the late Ken Robinson champions those ideals I hold closely.

It is our responsibility, our moral imperative to champion and empower our young people to develop and grow as individuals. 

Try. Fail. Learn. These three words encapsulate an ethos that has driven and motivated me in my career.

I am passionate about creating conditions where our young people feel safe to try new things, feel and indeed seek out opportunities to fail as these we know are the active ingredients for learning. I am excited and humbled to lead the team at Preston Bridge School and am very much looking forward to the next chapter in the school’s story’.